Monday, September 25, 2017


Looking back on this year's Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick contests:

There were more contestants I didn't know uthis year than ever before.

The fields were varied and very interesting, I thought.  

What did men's suits do before Colin Firth came along to wear them?

All photos of Judi Dench are remarkable;  they show so much character.  I found myself just looking at them longer than was technically needed, because they enchanted me so.

In many of the photos I went through, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Heughan liked a lot alike.

More portraits need to be black and white.  Well, all portraits need to be in black and white, but that's just me.

Very big thanks to Twinnie for allowing Calypso/Bomber to be our mascot.
(By the way, good job on the halter lesson C/B!)

If you'll remember, I said that I had a post-contest announcement to make.  That's still true;  stay tuned!

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Your mom is not alone, honey.

And, oh yeah, he has a twin brother.


I would have sworn that I published the post with the KH and KC winners after the polls closed last night.  I didn't see that I didn't until signing on a while ago.  Sorry!

 These are the final vote summaries:
Judi Dench1645.71%45.71%
Michelle Obama
Henrik Lundqvist1862.07%62.07%
Ewan McGregor
(Not sure why the blue squares are showing up;  sorry again.)

Now for the winning nominators.
Terry nominated Mrs. Obama, so she gets the Knitters' Chick Grand Prize.  (If she'll send me her address, that is.  Terry, it is the name of this blog at hotmail dot com.)
Jorene nominated Dame Judi, so she gets the KC Runner-Up Prize.  To fully disclose --- Jorene is my cousin.  She is a stalwart supporter of these contests, sending voters over from her Facebook feed.
Congratulations to you both, and to Michelle and Judi.

On the Knitters' Hunk side, Camille got Henrik Lundqvist's name into the Fedora of Fate, so the Grand Prize will be hers. She is also an enthusiastic fan of the contests, and some of the prizes awarded this year will have come from her.
Since Ewan McGregor went into the draw automatically, I go back to the person who nominated his opponent in the Semifinals.  That opponent was Stephen Colbert, and his nominator was Bridget.  The Runner-Up Prize, therefore, is hers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for getting this contest through its 10th year.  Your enthusiasm and support and terrific nominations never fail to make things fun for me.  What do think about doing it all again next year?


Knitters' Chick 2017
Michelle Obama

Knitters' Hunk 2017
Henrik Lundqvist

(Back later today to announce the winning nominators.)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

What Say You?

"Hang on;  let me get over there to you."

"Is this good?  Am I in my light?"

"Vote, people!  It's your chance to choose a champion! (Working on my alliteration skills --- what do you think?")

You heard Calypso --- get to it!

How Do You Feel About Semis?

No, sillies.  This kind of semis:

Just one day after this one. . . All winners announced Saturday!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

And Then There Were Four. In Both Contests. Eight Altogether. Is That Clear?

It isn't entirely true that all the KH and KC winners are surprises for me.  I'm sure that those of you who've participated over the years can also "predict" what's going to happen based on the nominees.  The sublime variety of nominees this year has kept that from happening too much, so thank you!  Still, there are a few whose presence do not surprise me.

Semifinals tomorrow, then Finals (and winners) by the weekend.  We're almost done!!


Looking back on this year's Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick contests: There were more contestants I didn't know uthis ...