Chewy Influencer, January, Part Food --- I Mean, Part Two

In the months since my pets and I have been Chewy Influencers, lots of food has been tasted and approved.  This weekend, I placed my first order for some of the food the cats liked.

This is the Variety Pack of Weruva food: two "flavors" with chicken, one with lamb, one with salmon.  Can cats smack their lips?  Because I think I hear them smacking their lips when they eat these.

The Lamb Burger is pretty standard cat fare in texture and smell.  Funk in the Trunk is a combination of chicken and pumpkin, and I was interested in the cats' reactions, because they've never had pumpkin.  The chicken Frick 'A Zee looks and smells delicious.  Really.  Kitty Gone Wild is salmon au jus, and may be the producer of most of the smacking.  As for me, I find the odor very loud and very strong, and the pieces of salmon have to be broken up into small bites for my girls.  But they do love it.

As part of the Influencer program, allows me to request products for in-home t…


As the hours since finding that my car wouldn't start have passed, it's become a lighter and lighter and lighter burden.  It's like when you can't use your phone or your computer.  You panic initially, but then realize that you won't be bothered by beeps and tones and rings for a while.  There's a kind of freedom in it.
I'll call a towing company in the morning and have the car taken to the dealership.  'Til then --- and, honestly, after then for an unspecified amount of time --- I'll knit.

This yarn is "Live Long and Prosper" by Lorna's Laces.  I gave it to Hannah --- a very serious Trekkie --- a couple of Christmases ago, telling her I'd use it to make whatever she wanted.  She's never claimed it --- she probably doesn't even remember it --- so it's going to be used for a pair of socklets for me.  Wrapping it up, I realized it looks like one of those rubber band balls.  Not especially Trek-ish, but, there you are.


My mother and father always, always told me that, in life, things just happen as and when they are supposed to.  We might not be able to see it, but, "Everything's gonna work out."
Last night, I went back and forth on whether to have some groceries delivered to me today, rather than getting dressed and going to the store myself.  Ultimately, the Lazy Option won, and I put in an order to be delivered between Noon and 1 today.
When I woke up this morning, I could barely breathe through my nose, my throat was scratchy, and my head was pounding from my sinuses down through my jaw.  Cold if I didn't bundle up, burning up if I did.  So the grocery thing was looking like a brilliant strategic maneuver.

Along the way, Hannah texted me, asking if I could take her to work at Starbucks.  Sure --- I didn't have to get spruced up or dressed up to go pick her up, then drop her off and come back home.  The groceries get put away, I get a pair of shoes on and go out into the ga…

This Is One of Those Things

You start at one point, innocently, then, a significant amount of time later, find yourself at another point.  Trying to trace your way back to the starting point, to figure out how you got where you are, you get peeled off into a different direction.  Again.
This is one of those things.  One of those first things.
BFF Shari shared this photo with me on Facebook: She shared it as I was contemplating how to rearrange the den furniture after the Christmas tree left.
Which is what led me to look around the den and imagine where something like the Wall of Yarn could go.
"Wait.  Isn't there an empty shelving unit in the garage?'  Go into the garage.
"That box looks like it would hold that stack of things of Briton's. . ."  Back into the house.  Pack up Briton's things.
"Now that that's done, I'll straighten up in here.  Maybe start a Goodwill box."
Start Goodwill box.
In and out of every room for several days, looking every time for more th…

Chewy Influencer, January, Part One

I have not been following the Influencer blogging rules, and for that I apologize.  I am supposed to post one entry for each product I try.  Here, then, is the first review of 2018.
I must start with a hearty thank you to my FedEx driver.  This was 40 pounds of litter packed along with a case of canned cat food.  That box was very, very, very heavy.
I like this litter.  While it doesn't seem to control odor any better than other litters we have used in this house, it is easier to scoop.  (The "lumps" don't cling to the sides of the litter box.)  It is also helpful that, despite being difficult to move around, the litter comes in a 40 pound bag.  Having three cats, we go through a lot of litter here, and having this much around the house keeps me from having to go buy smaller boxes or bags every few days.
So, thumbs up to Frisco litter.  As part of the Influencer program, I request and receive products to review monthly.  No money is exchanged at all betwee…

Postgame Report

Well, Athens is a sullen, shell-shocked, sort of silent town today.  Frankly, with the exception of Vanderbilt teams in any sport, my loyalty is always to a good game.  The National Championship was a good game.  Congratulations to one of my almas mater, the University of Alabama.
I've been updating my Etsy shop most of the day.  I have a very bad habit of finishing something I intend for the store, then sort of toss it into my shop container without taking a photo of it.  Hopefully, all of this work will bring the site truly up to date.
Have any of you seen this? This is Jupiter.  We sent a ship with a camera to Jupiter, and it sent pictures all the way back.  Astounding.  Here's a time-lapse of the images it returned to us:


I don't know how many of you use, or even know about, Meetup.  A couple of months ago, I discovered a group called "Athens Crafternoons," and decided to give it a shot.  There was a get-together this afternoon, with a scrapbooker, a cross-stitcher, a zentangler, a crocheter and three knitters.  There was lots of cross-talk, and not everyone there is my cup of tea, but I sat next to the zentangler and was mesmerized by her work.  She said she liked drawing in the company of other creative people, because it kept her from thinking too much about what she was doing.  She enjoyed watching others work, which kept her from thinking too much.  She could draw from her gut.  As amazed as I am by the products of people's gifts, I'm just as often interested in how they experience their process.

As you can imagine, everything here right now is the National Championship game on Monday.  This is a deep, deep, DEEP football town any time of any day, but it is insane here right…