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Here's How It's Done

When I finish a sock yarn project, I keep the yarn that's left (how do we always have extra sock yarn?) and roll balls to make what I call "Frankensocks."  Casting on tonight with these: As you can see, matching colors isn't an aim.  As leftovers are collected, they get wound in.
Next week, our countdown to Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick begins in earnest, as the weekly prize giveaway begins.  Each Monday, I'll ask a question that you'll have until each Friday to answer.  The answers will be numbered by the order in which they come in.  On Saturdays, I'll name the winner (hello, random number generator), and we'll start all over on the next Monday.  That will go on for 12 weeks, and then, nominations open!
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Rainy Day? Monday

It's been raining for a couple of days, and is supposed to keep on through tomorrow.  Fine with me.  The gray and the rain and the thunder are glorious to me.  I'll sort of be unhappy when the sun comes back.
Since it is Monday, here are Kathy's questions for this week: 1.  Do you have a favorite funeral song? Not really.  Nope;  I'm not coming up with anything.
2.  Did you put anything in a loved one's casket? I insisted that Daddy be buried in a pair of boots.  The funeral director kept saying it would be a tight fit, but I wouldn't budge.  They found a way.
3.  Do you know of other funeral remembrances?  (Sitting Shiva, etc.) This isn't the same thing, exactly, but nobody in the South dies without having some family member(s) "sitting up with them" at the hospital, and no house goes without casseroles and Jell-O salads being delivered by friends.
The anniversary of Daddy's death is this week.  I've been going through drawers and drawer…

One Thing Leads to Another

I have lost some weight.  How much I don't know because there isn't a scale in the house.  However, I can tell a significant difference in the way my clothes fit.  That spurred me to clean out my closet --- get rid of my "fatttest" clothes.  Which led to me cleaning out the rest of my closet.  Which led to me packing up a few small boxes with things I want to take with me when I move.  Whenever that is.
I want to get out of Athens, and I want to move toward the water.  An oceanside place is way out of the realm of possibility, but a city or a town where a beach is close?  
None of it is happening anytime soon.  But it's nice to visit Zillow, and to dream.

Of Course The Yarn Is Purple

My parents were news junkies, and so I became a news junkie early.  I didn't quite cut my teeth on Watergate, but it all fascinated me.  For the last week and a half, therefore, I've been absorbed in all the stories coming out of Washington, and that's my explanation for my blogging absence.
Kathy, I'm making a Garter Trap with this Premier Yarns "Sweet Roll" colorway.   My baby-gift-knitting is done for now, and so I'm turning to not too complicated projects.
In a couple of weeks, there'll be an announcement of a contest to count down the weeks until Knitters' Chick and Knitters' Hunk.  There are some details to work out, and prizes to be chosen, but the goal is to have everything in place by the last week this month.
Stay tuned!


This is my opinion of the last couple of days:
There was, though, this brilliantly-named colorway from Gnome Acres: "There's Bird Poop On My Swingset".

Chewy Influencer

This month, sent  chicken treats.
They have disappeared.  And some of us would like an explanation:
An A+ from us.  Put-these-on-the-grocery-list kind of A+.
I request a product from to review from each month.  It is sent with the understanding that the product will 1) be given an honest try by my pets, and 2) be given an honest assessment by me.  There is no money involved whatsoever.

Most Excellent Questions

*Do you prefer a digital or an analog clock? Analog.  Digital cameras aren't pretty;  analogs are. *How good is your sense of direction?  (We are talking about times when you did not have your phone to use as a compass.) Pretty good.  Like Kathy, I use the sun to determine the compass points.
*What do you like to knit in worsted weight yarn? Just about anything.  The only weight I don't enjoy working with is lace.
*What was your favorite subject in school? Social studies.  Big surprise, huh?
*Have you pulled weeds yet? No.  I'm not a go-outside-and-work-in-the-dirt kind of person.
*Do you figure out who you caught a cold from? Nah.  
*Are you ripping out anything you knit this weekend? No.  It was a pretty good weekend of work.
*Do you have your appendix? I do.
*Do you have your tonsils? No.  I had them taken out when I was 24.  It caused the worse pain I've ever been in.  Yes, worse than labor.
*What would you name a colorway based on your weather this morning? Too Lovely For A …